How To Put Out Candles The Right Way (And It’s Not Blowing Them Out)

How To Put Out A Candle The Right Way

Most of us grew up blowing out candles on our birthday cake. Habits are hard to change, and we’d guess you probably still put out candles the same way today – by blowing on them.

For one-off candles (like those on a birthday cake) blowing them out is OK. But for candles that you plan on reusing again and again, blowing them out is definitely not the best way and can lead to a shorter candle lifespan and less than-ideal candle experience.

There are indeed a couple of things you should definitely not do when putting out a candle. And there are also tried and true ways of snuffing out the flame correctly. Let’s take a closer look.

3 Ways To NOT Put Out A Candle

Blowing It Out

When extinguishing a flame, blowing it out may seem like the easy option – but there are some hidden consequences. 

Not only will you be left with an unpleasant smell, soot, and smoke; but wax may also be pushed to the edge of the candle, creating candle tunneling. The wick itself may also be left at an angle, collecting wax in the process and making it harder to light in the future.

Blowing a flame out can also cause the wax to spray into the surrounding area. This is especially prevalent when you use candles that are not in a container.

Using A Lid

Don’t cover your candle with a lid. Using a lid will push smoke and soot onto your candle which will make it harder to relight. Some lids may also contain materials that will melt, like rubber.

If you must use a lid, make sure that it is non-flammable.

Using Your Fingers

Some people opt to use their fingers to snuff out a candle. It’s a cool party trick but is not necessarily safe for yourself and can damage your candle’s wick.

All of these methods of putting out your candle are detrimental to your candle’s lifespan, its performance and make them more difficult to reuse again.

So then, what is the right way to put out a candle?

2 Safe Ways To Put Out Your Candle

Wick Dipper

A wick dipper is a long tool with a hook-shaped end that bends the wick into the wax.

This makes it perfect for extinguishing the flame without producing soot, or smoke since the flame is put out in its own wax.

No smoke means you can enjoy the after-scent of an extinguished candle without smelling like something is burning.

Be sure to reposition the wick with the dipper once it is extinguished.

Tip: Instead of getting a proper wick dipper, you may also use everyday household items that are similar in shape and non-flammable such as a spoon or paperclip.

Candle Snuffer

A candle snuffer consists of a bell shape component at the end of a rod. The bell shape literally ‘snuffs’ out the flame by preventing oxygen from feeding it.

Tip: You’ll know the flame is extinguished once you see some smoke from the snuffer. Ensure not to touch the bell since it may be very hot.

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