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The best Candle Wax and Fragrance Calc

Use the following calculator to find out exactly how much wax and fragrance oil you need to make your candles. Passion Purity Perfection

We’ve left the specific gravity at 0.85 which is a general average for most waxes.

  • Note: The specific gravity refers to the density of wax compared to water.
  • This means, 100 grams of wax will fill out a larger space than 100 grams of water.
  • Hence, if you are planning on using a 100 gram container (that is, it holds 100 grams of water)
  • You will need less wax since it will expand to fill out this container.
  • In this scenario, a 0.85 specific gravity means you’ll need just 85 grams of total wax.
  • You can use either grams or ounces, just ensure you use this system throughout the calculations.

When it comes to calculating the exact amount of wax and fragrance oil needed, the mathematics can get a bit tricky.

  • For example, to enter a container weight of 100 grams and a fragrance load of 10% (with a specific gravity of 1 to make things easier)
  • Many people would incorrectly assume a wax amount of 90 grams and 10 grams of fragrance oil.
  • This actually equates to a fragrance load of 11.1% which is incorrect

Shockingly, there are several online calculators which use this method to calculate how much wax and fragrance oil you need.

The fragrance load is the ratio of fragrance oil to actual wax. It’s NOT the amount of fragrance oil to total wax weight.

If you use the incorrect amount of fragrance oil, several negative things can happen to your finished candle including:

  • A clogged wick resulting in a weak scent throw and small flame.
  • Excess oil may move to the top of the wax as it cools, resulting in bubbles. Since fragrance oil is extremely flammable, this poses a fire risk if these bubbles burst.
  • A small flame will cause a weak burn and can lead to candle tunnelling, wick mushrooming and soot build up.

Our calculator will ensure you get the right measurements every time so you can avoid these issues and have a pleasant candle experience.

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