How Long Do Tea Lights Burn?

How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

Candles would be very talented if they were human. A jack of all trades that functions in any area you can think of!

Therapy, home improvement, emergencies – almost everything. The star of this article was used before (even today!) as a beverage warmer.

Every candle enthusiast must have used or heard of a tea light. It’s often used for its aroma and a soft glow to set the mood. Frankly, tea light candles are increasingly popular for their incredible versatility and ease of use.

Tea lights are often confused with another candle type called votives (maybe you’ve heard of it, too!). Well, there are significant differences between the two that should distinguish one from one the other.

The burn time is a critical consideration between tea lights and votives. Who wants to replace and relight candles frequently? 

Ideally, extended events require votives, while tea lights are for shorter, personal use.

But, you might be wondering: How exactly long can a tea light last?

The answer frequently varies across different brands and factors. But before giving you the average ideal burn time, let’s divulge what precisely is a tea light and its origins.

What Are Tea Lights?

Did you know that tea lights were originally used for tea keeping? Teapots were placed above a tea light flame to keep the tea warm. Hence, its name – “tea” light.

Thanks to man’s creative mind, tea lights now serve heaps of purposes. You can get a tea light for decorating your space, warming fondues, purifying the air, accent lighting, or aromatherapy!

But, what are tea lights anyway?

Tea lights are tiny candles contained in different kinds of cups. They are usually wider than they are tall.

Tea lights owe their versatility to being enclosed in a thin metal or polycarbonate plastic cup. So, anyone can just put a tealight in a nice holder and throw the cup away when the wax is entirely consumed (hassle-free!)

Thanks to its inconspicuousness, a tea light can fit even in the smallest space to create a picturesque sight and warm ambiance.

There are generally many kinds of tea lights floating around the market today. You can either choose from a transparent plastic cup, classic aluminum, or metal kind. Tea lights in a clear plastic cup may be the best choice if you’re looking for a minimal yet chic look.

However, some metal cup tea lights claim to burn longer than plastic cups, promising an 8-hour burning time!

So finally, realistically speaking, what is the average burning time of a tealight?

How Long Do Tea Lights Burn?

Many tea light users and enthusiasts have relevant insights and reviews about its burn time.

The average burn time for a tea light is approximately 4 – 6 hours.

We can do some math here.

Generally speaking, small candles with small wicks will burn 1 ounce of wax per 8 hours. A tea light has about 3/5’s of an ounce of wax. This equates to a roughly 4 – 5 hours burn time for most tea lights.

As a result, tea lights are often used for personal use like room enhancement or aromatherapy. They are also perfect for events since most events will last less than 5 hours.

Overall, tea lights are inexpensive, flexible, and appropriate to use in various situations – what’s not to like?

Can Tea Light Candles Burn Out On Their Own?

Yes, tea lights can burn out on their own.

… but this can also be quite dangerous.

Tea lights can get very hot, worsening if flammable debris falls into the candle wax. In addition, extreme heat can deform the metal cup. A rapidly spreading fire may be possible if the candle wax spills out of the warped metal.

Sounds scary? Fret not because tea lights can still be left to burn on their own when placed in a safe container or on a fire-resistant surface.

You might want to get a tea light holder for safety in this case. Glass containers aren’t recommended since the glass may crack once the flame reaches the bottom. Fire-resistant surfaces, such as stones, tiles, trivets, or plates with a tea light holder are ideal. Tea lights shouldn’t be left unattended too. Eliminate any flammable material or debris near your tea light while it burns.

Tea Lights Vs. Votives

If you’re new to the scene, you may have interchanged these two at some point. A casual user would even say that there’s no difference at all!

Tea lights and votives are indeed two different kinds of candles with crucial differences.

Votives burn longer than tea lights. They contain roughly three times the amount of wax at 2 ounces and will burn for 10 – 15 hours.

For this reason, votives are favored for more extended events.

In terms of pure practicality, we have to give the edge to the tea lights.

Tea lights are less fussy. Since they come in disposable cups or holders, tea lights can easily be disposed of after consuming all their wax, unlike votives that typically come in glass or other clear holders. However, cleaning the wax can be tedious, and popping these candles in the freezer for reuse can be tiring.

Both are just as pleasant to the eye. Of course, a clear holder can enhance the elegance of both types. But since tea lights are tinier and more flexible in tight spaces, they are somewhat more ideal for home decor!

Do’s And Don’ts For Tea Lights

Are you now thinking of getting a tea light? If so, then make sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure proper use of your tea light.

  1. Get a safe container for your tea light. Avoid glass containers as much as possible due to their susceptibility to crack or break under extreme heat.
  2. Place tea lights on fire-resistant surfaces.
  3. Never leave tea lights unattended.
  4. Keep tea lights out of reach of children or pets.
  5. Ensure that no flammable debris can reach the candle.
  6. Do not move a burning tea light to avoid the hot, liquefied wax from spilling. Let the hot wax fully cool before moving the candle.
  7. If possible, blow out a tea light before it burns out to prevent the container from melting (and possible spillage).

Thinking Of Getting A Tea Light Now?

Tea lights are an excellent choice for many situations, from their small convenient size to their affordable cost and beautiful ambient setting abilities.

Just be sure to follow the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned to get the most out of your tea light.

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