Have Old Candle Jars? Here are 27 Ways to Reuse Them.

Have Old Candle Jars Here are 27 Ways to Reuse Them

Candle jars come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for all sorts of artistic and practical products. To use a candle jar, all you need to do is empty out the wax. Once your jar is clean and dry, you can try one or all of the creative candle jar ideas below!

1. Seed Starters

Even the smallest candle jars can be used as seed starters. Simply add a couple of spoonfuls of dirt into the jar, add a seed or two in the dirt, and then top it off with another spoonful of dirt. Keep the plants in the jars for six weeks or until the sprouts are six inches tall. Then, transfer them into a larger pot!

2. Mini Organizers

Candle jars can be used to organize just about anything. Depending on the size of the candle jar, you can use it to store anything from paperclips to pencils, to makeup brushes. You can choose whether or not to put the lid on or whether or not to decorate the jar.

3. Seasoning Jars

When you buy seasonings from the store, they usually come in plastic bags or containers. Putting the spices in glass candle jars can make your kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure your jars have a lid and that you label the jars so you don’t put cayenne pepper into your meals when you meant to put in paprika!

4. Flower Vases

Large, tall candle jars work to make simple flower vases that can hold real or fake plants. Paint the jars to add a little color to match the plants. Put it in the center of your table and voila! You’ve got a stunning new decoration.

5. Decorated Centerpieces

Since most candle jars are clear, there are about a million things you can do to customize the jar. Paint it, color it with permanent markers, glue things on the inside or out, and just get creative! When you’re done, you can use it to hold something or just work as a beautiful paperweight.

6. Food Storage Containers

Plastic food storage containers can stain and crack easily – more often than glass storage containers. Put your leftovers, or even dry ingredients (flour, sugar, noodles, etc.) in the jars and cover them with a snug lid. As a bonus, you can even put them in the microwave to reheat leftovers.

7. Snow Globes

One of the most creative things you can do with an old candle jar is make a simple snow globe. Glue your interior decorations to the bottom side of the lid, add glitter into the jar, and fill with water. Twist on the lid tightly and give it a shake to make a wonderful wintertime decoration.

8. Gelatin and Pudding Jars

Pudding and gelatin made from a box are cheaper than buying pre-packaged snacks. By putting these foods in candle jars, they can also be pre-portioned. Pour the liquid into the jar, put on the lid, and put it in the fridge to set.

9. Fishbowl Toss Game

Fish Bowl toss games are a classic carnival game. You can make your own at home (hopefully with fake fish) by putting toy fish into the jars and filling them with water. Set the jars in some kind of pattern. Give the player a ball and have them try to throw it from a distance away. If they get it in the jar, they win!

10. Paint Containers

Paint usually comes in large containers but you don’t always need that much. To avoid getting paint everywhere and having your unused paint dry up, pour some of the paint from the large container into a candle jar. Using a funnel makes this process easier. Once you’re done, get to painting!

11. Fish Bowls

Very large candle jars are sometimes the size of fish bowls, so why not use them as one! Decorate the jar like you would any other fish tank, add your water and fish, and you’re ready to go. Just make sure the jar is clean before use, so the fish stays healthy.

12. “Mug” Desserts

Do you want baked goods but don’t actually want to bake? Try a mug dessert. Some of the most popular recipes are for muffins and cake. There are tons of recipes online. Simply mix the ingredients into the jar, pop it in the microwave, and enjoy your new treat.

13. Mini Terrarium

Terrariums are usually full of small plants like cacti, succulents, and moss. These plants can survive in almost any environment, including candle jars. Add some dirt and your plant of choice into your jar to give yourself a new plant friend.

14. Stained Glass

It’s super easy to make a candle jar look like stained glass. First, you need to mix Elmer’s glue with either food coloring or paint. Next, use a paintbrush to paint this on the jar. Coat it completely and let it dry. In just a couple of hours, you’ll have a homemade stained glass jar!

15. Quote Jars

Quote jars can give you motivation or can be a great gift for a friend. Write down your favorite quotes on pieces of paper and put them in the jar. Do this until the jar is full. When you need a little pep, take a quote out of the jar and read it.

16. Coin Bank

A bank doesn’t need to look like a pig to save money. Simply throw all your loose change into a candle jar. When it’s full, bring it to a coin machine and cash out!

17. Guessing Number Game

Guessing number games are fun for kids and adults alike. Put a large number of small objects into a jar and have people guess how many objects are in the jar. The person who is closest wins a prize. Just make sure to count the objects yourself before having others guess!

18. Candy Gift Jars

Who doesn’t love candy as a gift? Fill a jar with your friend’s favorite types of candy. The bigger the jar, the happier your friend is likely to be. This makes a great party favor as well.

19. Premixed Drinks

You can make any cocktail party a little more rustic by making your own premixed drinks and putting them in candle jars. This will give the drinks a more casual look, while also making the bartender’s job a little easier as the night goes on.

20. Christmas Ornaments

Small candle jars work best for this idea. Paint, use stickers, and decorate your jar however you like. Add a hook or a string to attach the jar to the tree. This can be a great Christmas party idea for both kids and adults.

21. Themed Gift Packages

Gift baskets are overdone, so why not put gifts in a large candle jar instead? Themed gifts are the most fun. As an example, you could put a packet of popcorn, some candy, and some movie tickets into a jar to make a movie night jar.

22. Hot Cocoa Sets

Making your own hot cocoa powder mixes is pretty easy. Simply fill the jar with hot cocoa powder and toppings of your choosing. Marshmallows, caramel candy, and peppermint hard candies are some festive hot cocoa additions.

23. Picture Jars

Use a candle jar as a picture frame to make your decor look more unique. Just print a picture and put it against the glass. You can also glue the photo in place. After that, you can choose to further decorate the inside or outside of the glass to add some extra flair.

24. Pulling Sticks Jars

Teachers often pull sticks with students’ names on them to randomly select someone to answer a question. Placing these sticks in a candle jar is a great way to avoid needing to buy a whole new container. Decorate the container to make it match your classroom.

25. Sand Art

Sand art was all the rage in the 1990s but maybe it will make a comeback. To make your own sand art, layer different colors of sand into the jar. If you practice enough, you are sure to learn how to make cool patterns. Put the lid on the jar when you’re done and try not to shake it!

26. Slime Jars

There are so many free recipes online to make all sorts of slime. Usually, kids keep slime in plastic bags, but these can rip easily and make a mess. Try storing slime in candle jars instead with the lid on.

27. Homemade Candles

Last but not least, you can always use old candle jars as a vessel for your own candles. Pick your own colors and scents to make your candle unique. When the candle burns out, remove the wax, and repeat!

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